SAT Proctoring Job Aid

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This printable job aid PDF was created to help teachers proctor the SAT on a School Day.

  • Purpose: To reduce errors in proctoring the SAT. Particularly, it is made for teachers who have to proctor 1-2 times per year but do not do so regularly enough to remember everything. 

  • Audience: Teachers proctoring testing as SAT test administrators in regular SAT School Day rooms 

  • Responsibilities: Analysis, Instructional Design, Implementation 

  • Learning Theory Considered: Knowles 4 Principles of Andragogy

  • Project Model Used: ADDIE

  • Tool Used: Canva 

  • Date Completed: October 2020 (updated January 2022) 

Background: Though teachers have received SAT training to be compliant, that often happens weeks before due to school schedules. Even though teachers have been trained and have guides, a checklist is essential to help staff follow complicated process.  

Problem:  It is easy to forget steps on the day of the test. Even experienced teachers may only give this test 1-2 times per year and give many other tests. New teachers may be giving this test for the first time, and schools can easily have dozens of new teachers. 

Solution: This job aid fits the problem/need because it helps reinforce information that test administrators should have been trained in during mandatory compliance training in an accessible and easy to digest way, step-by-step.

Learning Goal: Test administrators will understand how to proctor the SAT in compliance with all rules and follow the correct processes. 

Organizational Goal: Zero or minimal testing incidents or irregularities and zero caused by test administrators’ noncompliance

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