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Welcome! I am Alison Sollars. 

 I am a Learning Experience Designer by day and freelance content creator as well.  I also volunteer as the TPLD (Teaching: a Path to L&D) Vice President and Community Manager. I am a former teacher, member of TDLC and ATD Central Florida and I'm extremely passionate about learning, training, instructional design, DEI, inclusion, neurodiversity, remote work, and organizational leadership. 

Working Out Loud 

What am I up to?

Here is a quick look at what I've been working on outside work since starting my Learning Experience Designer job in March 2022!


In the spirit of working out loud, feel free to check out these things in progress or connect with me on LinkedIn to see what I'm wondering or learning, check out my posts about instructional design, or read my related L&D book reviews. 

  • VP and Community Manager at TPLD

  • Eduflow Social Learning Cohort 1 

  • xAPI Fall 2022 Cohort 

  • Coursera Google Data Analytics (just finished Project Management) 

  • Studying for PMP exam 

Current Learning & Volunteering

Google Cloud Technical Training (Piloting)

This will be a project updated later in the fall. Tools Used: Storyline, Canva, Photoshop, Camtasia, and SnagIt. 

Teaching: a Pathway to L&D Project (In Development)

This is a sample from a larger project on Eduflow LMS; I am leading a team of designers/developers and managing internal review for several courses.  Full project page coming late 2022.

eLearning Heroes

Select the button below to see some projects I created based on eLearning Heroes topics, mostly based around teaching elements of D&D gaming. 

Past Projects

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New Teacher Mentoring 

This scenario-based eLearning was developed in Storyline for pre-service and new teachers to learn how and why to seek mentorship. This is being expanded into a full LMS course and has updates throughout February. Last updated: 2/21/22. 


Corporate Recycling

This Storyline microlearning interaction was designed to help raise awareness of common office items people might not realize are recyclable. This is for a hypothetical company (practice project).

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MLA Style Formatting  

This mobile-friendly three-part eLearning course includes samples, practice, and tech tutorial videos in order to teach and reinforce the principles of MLA citations and formatting applicable to high school and college research paper tasks.  

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SAT Proctoring Job Aid

This printable job aid PDF was created to help teachers proctor the SAT on a School Day as a follow up to an ILT. 

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Collaborative Project

This links to my work collaborating with other educators to support The Pivoter website with job aids for new mentors. This was a project completed in January 2022. 

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